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  • ■ 2014 NPC Jr. USA – N. Charleston, SC – 6th Place
  • ■ 2013 IFBB North American Championships – 5th Place
  • ■ 2013 NPC Jr. Nationals – Chicago, IL – 6th Place
  • ■ 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals – Chicago, IL – 5th Place
  • ■ 2012 NPC Jr. USA – N. Charleston, SC – 8th Place
  • ■ 2012 Natural Western USA Championships – Mesa, AZ – 5th Place
  • ■ 2009 West Texas Classic – Lubbuck, TX – 1st Place
  • ■ 2007 Arnold Classic Amateur Fitness – Columbus, Ohio
  • ■ 2006 Heart of Texas – Plano, TX – 2nd Place
  • ■ 2006 Europa Super Show – Arlington, TX – 2nd Place
  • ■ 2006 Western Regional – Phoenix, AZ – 5th Place
  • ■ 2005 Europa Super Show – Arlington, TX – 5th Place
  • ■ 2004 John Sherman Classic – Houston, TX – 1st in Tall & 4th Overall
  • ■ 2004 Western Regional – Phoenix, AZ – 2nd Place
  • ■ 2004 Northern – Flagstaff, AZ – 6th in Figure Tall
  • ■ 2004 America’s Wild Wild West Natural Ms. Fitness – Laughlin, NV – 1st Place
  • ■ 2004 Natural Western USA – Phoenix, AZ – 4th Place
  • ■ 2003 Arizona Open – Phoenix, AZ – 4th Place


For years, I read about all of the fitness competitors in magazines. At the time, it was all about Susie Curry and Kelly Ryan. I was fascinated by the sport! It looked like so much fun! I knew that I wanted to do that someday. I knew that I wanted to be like the ladies in the magazines! I wanted to be in the magazines – just like them! I just wasn’t sure at the time if I believed in myself enough to do it. I had to ask myself if I’m going to sit around wanting to do that or if I’m going to get up and do it? I decided that if I did not at least try, I would definitely regret it later. I did not know where to start. So I asked around and figured out where and when a local show was to be held. I was concerned that I was going to bust my butt preparing for a competition and then not qualify to compete because of not having arms. I decided to make a phone call to the promoter to make sure it was alright for me to enter. I introduced myself to him and explained my situation. He didn’t seen to “Get it” that I do not have arms. I suppose when anyone else says that, it means their arms are lacking in strength or size. I finally had to explain – that’s not the case here. They are gone. When he still didn’t “Get it”, I finally had to explain that I an a bilateral amputee. Once he comprehended what I was telling him, he assured me that I would be allowed to compete! He went on to say that the audience would love it and that I would motivate a lot of people! Here comes the kicker: in his very next breath, he said, “But you know you can never win.” To this day, those words light a fire under me like you would not believe! His words motivated me more than anything. The first time I met him in person, I thanked him for his words of “Encouragement!” In all fairness, he really is a good man. I know his intention was good. I believe he just didn’t want me to have unrealistic expectations. He is still very supportive of what I am doing! Telling me that I “Can’t” was actually the best thing he could have ever done for me, and I am grateful to him. However, I do fully intend to exceed his expectations and some day prove him wrong. Like I always say. “Can’t” is not an option!